Guide to Not Knowing / Booklet with location of art pieces in space.


Guide to Not Knowing


This Guide to Not Knowing you hold in your hands is the first of three books that will accompany this 43rd (Inter) National Salon of Artists. The idea of having a three stage editorial process came from the five curators, and its realization was possible thanks to the hard work of their curatorial assistants and the Tangrama design team.


The idea behind this Guide was to create a companion for your wanderings in the Salon. We know that this companion turned out to be rather hefty, but its size is justified: there is a lot of useful and illuminating information here.  In this book, almost all of the 108 participating artists talk about their universes and interests.  It’s a small introduction that we hope will allow a more informed approach to the works on display.


Besides this Guide, this first stage includes a notebook of exercises and reflections by Nicolas Paris, who has long been exploring ways for making people closer to art. His notebook of drawing and ideas can be seen as another guide, more unusual and odd, helpful to approach the featured works.


After this first stage, the 43SNA will have two other books.  One, titled Libro de Creencias [Book of Beliefs], will be published before the end of the Salon with a series of essays and visual experiments around the show´s central theme, that Saber desconocer [To Know Not to Know] simultaneously familiar and mysterious, reassuring and disturbing. That second book will also feature texts that the curators found useful in their trips of knowing and not knowing.


The third book, titled El Saberdesconocer [The To-knownot- to-know] will catalogue what happened during the Salon with reflections by curators, critics and artists, and an inventory of things known and not known during its two months.


Having introduced the editorial project, we leave you to your wanderings, hoping you enjoy walking thru the Salon’s four venues. We would like to think that this guide, where we tried so carefully to condense so many different worlds, will become a useful tool for your knowing more—and for a better not knowing.


Manuel Kalmanovitz – Editorial Coordinator 43 SNA


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Booklet with location of art pieces in venues.


“Before you begin your visit to the venues, this map may be resourceful to understand the the architectural layout of the venues where the Salón takes place (Museo de Antioquia, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, Edificio Antiquia and Jardín Botánico) have inspired the structure in which the art pieces are presented”.


Mariangela Méndez – Artistic Director 43 SNA


To download the Booklet with location of art pieces in venues, click here


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